Color Blindness Color Conversion Simulator


Achromatopsia0.005% of the population
Atypical Achromatopsia0.001% of the population


Protanopia1% of men
Deuteranopia1% of men
Tritanopia0.001% of the population


Protanomaly1% of men, 0.01% of women
Deuteranomaly6% of men, 0.4% of women
Tritanomaly0.01% of the population
Tool Introduction
Online Color Blindness Simulation Tool is a powerful and user-friendly platform for simulating color perception in various types of color blindness. You can easily see how colors perform in different types of color blindness. How to Use: 1. Enter Color: Input the HEX color code you wish to simulate. 2. Principle of Color Conversion: The tool is based on professional studies of color blindness, simulating how colors appear in various types of color vision deficiencies. This includes trichromacy, dichromacy, and monochromacy. 3. View and Compare: The provided results will show how the input color performs in different types of color blindness. Advantages: - Convenient and Fast: An online tool, no need to download, simulate colors anytime, anywhere. - Diverse Simulation Options: Covers various common types of color blindness, helping you better understand the color experience of the color-blind population. Precautions: - The input color should be in a valid HEX format. - This is a simulation tool. The colors displayed may vary slightly from what actual color-blind individuals see, depending on the degree of their visual impairment, but it can provide you with a reference. - When using this tool, please make sure you understand its purpose and follow all applicable design and development best practices. Whether you are a designer or simply curious about how colors are perceived in color blindness, this online color blindness simulation tool is the ideal choice. It allows you to better understand and design content suitable for color-blind users, facilitating accessible design for color blindness. If our tool has been helpful to you, please bookmark and share our website. Thank you very much!