Online JSON Filter/Search/Selection Tool

Tool Introduction
Strict Mode: In this mode, the search will not force type conversion. When searching for a number, it will only match the value of the number type, such as 12345, and it will not match the string type values like the number 12345 in quotes. When searching for text, it will only match the text type value. You can choose whether to enable strict mode according to your actual needs.
Instructions for Use: 1. Paste or input the JSON data you want to filter in the input box on the left. You can choose to click the button to format or compress the JSON data, or choose a JSON example for testing.
2. Set the filtering rules, you can choose the type of filtering condition (number, text or regular expression) and the filtering method. Number filtering methods include: =, !=, >, >=, <, <=. Text filtering methods include: Is, Is Not, Starts With, Does Not Start With, Ends With, Does Not End With, Contains, Does Not Contain. Then enter the value you need to match.
3. After setting the filtering rules, the tool will automatically search and filter and display the results in the result area on the right. If the JSON data input is incorrect or does not conform to the JSON format, the error message will be displayed in the result area. We will try our best to parse the JSON you input, and we can parse some non-standard JSON, such as JSON keys without quotes.
4. The filter results will retain their level in the original JSON.
If you have other filtering suggestions or encounter problems during use, feel free to give us feedback through the 'About Us' at the bottom of the page~