Online Image Color Ratio Extraction and Visualization Tool

Tool Introduction
This tool can help process the color information in images. After uploading an image, it automatically extracts and recognizes the colors in the image, calculates the proportion of each color, and ranks them in descending order of color proportion in the image. You will see a canvas made up of the colors in the image on the page, with the vertical bar distribution of the colors consistent with their proportion in the image. It displays the top 100 colors in proportion, with the rest displayed as gray. You can also view the RGB and Hex values of each color, as well as its proportion in the image. Note that this tool simply extracts and calculates the color of each pixel in the image, so many similar colors may be listed. If you are looking for the theme color/main color tone of the image, you can find the Image Theme Color/Main Color Tone Extractor tool from the left menu.
Privacy Statement
This tool does not upload or save your images to the server, all image processing is done in your browser.