Bulk Geographic Coordinate Format Conversion Tool

Tool Introduction

Welcome to use our geographic coordinate format conversion tool! This tool is designed for professionals and hobbyists who wish to convert coordinates, providing a fast, accurate and convenient way to convert geographic coordinate formats. Importantly, our tool not only supports the conversion of single coordinates, but also can handle batch processing, converting multiple lines of input at a time, improving your work efficiency.

We know that everyone's needs for coordinate formats may be different, so our tool supports six common geographic coordinate formats, including: DD (Decimal Degrees), DDWithCardinal (Decimal Degrees with Direction), DMS (Degrees Minutes Seconds), DMSWithCardinal (Degrees Minutes Seconds with Direction), DM (Degrees Minutes), and DMWithCardinal (Degrees Minutes with Direction). Whether you need to perform simple degree conversions, or need precise coordinate conversions to seconds, our tool can meet your needs.

Our tool also supports batch processing of coordinate conversions. You only need to copy your coordinate data into the input box, select the coordinate format you need, and click the conversion button, our tool will automatically convert for you. You can copy the converted coordinates to the clipboard, or save them as a text file.