Online PNG Image Compression Tool

Please select the PNG images you want to compress, each no more than 5MB.
Tool Introduction
This tool is used for online compression of PNG images. Advantages of the tool: 1. PNG images are automatically compressed after uploading or adjusting compression quality. 2. You can freely set the compression quality, finding the best balance between quality and size according to your own needs. You can preview the compressed image, conveniently compare it side by side with the original, and choose the most appropriate compression quality. 3. The image size, compression rate, and other information before and after compression are clear at a glance, making it more convenient to meet different compression needs. 4. Compression is executed entirely using the browser's API on your local machine, with no interaction with the server, ensuring the safety of your private information. 5. We achieve PNG image compression by combining color quantization, Alpha channel optimization, filter optimization, and DEFLATE compression. Although some of these steps may lead to some information loss (such as color quantization), in most cases, the compression is lossless and does not alter the visual effect of the image. Its flexibility and efficiency make it the ideal choice for handling PNG images in web development. If you have bulk PNG image compression needs, and want to compress a large number of PNG images at once, you can use our Bulk PNG Image Compression Tool on this site. If you want to compress images in other formats, you can also use our General Image Compression Tool. If you find our tools helpful, don't forget to bookmark and share them~
Privacy Statement
This tool does not upload or save your images to the server, all image processing is done in your browser.
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