Online Image Pixel Art Effect Generator

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Tool Introduction
This online tool can convert your images into pictures with a pixel art effect. Upload an image, adjust the pixel size as you wish, and receive the processed image. The processed image can be downloaded and saved. Pixel art effect images are created by applying special processing to the original image, making it look like it's composed of individual pixel blocks. This effect adds creativity and a sense of style to the image. The pixel art style is commonly seen in retro or 8-bit video games. Many classic video games used pixel art graphics, requiring relatively less memory and computational resources, so the hardware requirements are low. The working principle of this tool is that, for each pixel block, we determine its color in the resulting image by calculating its average color value. In this way, we can retain the primary color information of the original image, making the resulting image have a pixel art effect. Feel free to bookmark, share, and use!
Privacy Statement
This tool does not upload or save your images to the server, all image processing is done in your browser.