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Tool Introduction
Welcome to our online GIF maker tool, a powerful and user-friendly animated GIF creation platform. Without any programming skills or special software, you can easily convert individual images into dynamic GIF files. How to use: 1. Upload Images: Click the upload image button to choose the images you want, multiple files supported. 2. Sorting and Settings: Sort images by filename or upload time, we've made special handling if your filenames are prefix + numbers, we can sort them more rationally. Time interval settings can be customized by frames per second or delay intervals. Width and height are taken from the first uploaded image by default, but you can adjust them yourself. For better results, we suggest all uploaded images be the same size. 3. Generate and Download: Click the generate animated GIF button to preview the effect, then download. Tool Advantages: - Convenient and Fast: An online tool with no need for download, create GIFs anytime, anywhere. - Personalized Settings: Provides various customization options to make your GIF stand out. - Privacy Protection: All processing is done in the browser, not uploaded to servers, to protect your privacy. - Completely Free: No registration required, no hidden costs, completely free to use. Points to Note: - Uploaded images should be in common formats like JPEG, PNG, etc. - If precise control of each frame's display time is needed, you can set intervals by frames per second, usually, most films are 24 frames per second, which appears very smooth to the human eye. Higher frame rates may bring smoother effects, but considering the size of the generated GIF image and the time taken, we recommend not exceeding 24 frames. - Avoid uploading large files, which might cause the browser to respond slowly. - Ensure you have legal rights to upload the images, and do not infringe on others' intellectual property rights. Whether you're a designer seeking quick prototyping or a social media user wanting to share fun animations, this online GIF maker tool is the ideal choice. With just a few clicks, you can have your unique animated GIF. If our tool has helped you, please bookmark and share our site, thank you very much!
Privacy Statement
This tool does not upload or save your images to the server, all image processing is done in your browser.