Copy JSON Path, Format and Compress JSON Tool

JSON Path:
Click the structure on the right to copy the JSON path in one click
Tool Introduction
This tool can help you easily handle JSON data. Paste JSON data into the left input box, and a visual tree diagram will be generated on the right. You can click on the tree structure on the right to automatically copy the JSON path, and the selected path will be displayed at the top, avoiding the tediousness of copying the JSON path level by level. This tool can also handle non-standardized JSON, such as keys without quotes, JSON with extra commas at the end, etc. You can also use our tool to format and compress JSON data into standard JSON. You can choose whether to include the root node in the path. Whether you are dealing with API responses, processing JSON files, or operating JSON data in daily development, this tool can provide great convenience for you. If you think it is easy to use, welcome to bookmark and share~