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Tool Introduction
Welcome to our online password generator. This well-designed, user-friendly tool is intended to help you quickly create secure, complex passwords. This generator is highly flexible, allowing you to customize the length of the password, whether it includes uppercase or lowercase letters, numbers and symbols, and even choose to exclude similar characters. In addition to generating single passwords, it can also generate multiple passwords at once, and provides convenient copy and export options. To help you understand the security of the passwords generated, we also provide an assessment of password strength. Whether you are creating a password for a new online account or updating an existing one, our online password generator is an ideal choice.
Password Usage Suggestions:
The password is the first line of defense for your online account security. To protect your account, we suggest you follow these points:
1. Use strong passwords: Strong passwords are usually a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special symbols, and the length is at least 8 characters, ideally 12 or more.
2. Avoid using personal information: Do not use your birthday, phone number, ID number, or your name, etc. in your password. This information is often easily obtained by others.
3. Do not use common passwords: '123456', 'password', '111111', 'qwerty' etc. are frequently used by the public, such passwords are easily guessed.
4. Regularly change your password: Even if your password is very complex, you should change it regularly. Because you cannot determine if your password has been leaked under certain circumstances.
5. Set different passwords for each account: If you set the same password for all accounts, then as long as one account is cracked by hackers, all your accounts will be at risk.
6. Be alert to phishing attacks: Always confirm that the website you are entering the password on is correct, not a fake website.