QR Code Hiding Online Tool/Image Hiding Merge Online Tool

Tool Introduction
This tool is used to merge two images into one, hiding one image. Upload the foreground and background images, then click the merge button to get the merged image. You can download the merged image. The merged image will display the foreground image on a white background and the background image on a black background, creating different visuals depending on the color of the background. This can often be used for surprising effects, like the toy cards from childhood that showed different images from different angles. It can also be used in some marketing scenarios, such as merging regular images with QR codes to hide the QR code for platforms where it might not be suitable, like sharing QR codes on WeChat. The hidden image effect is created through PNG transparent layers, so the resulting image format is PNG. If the resulting effect is not as desired, you can swap the foreground and background images according to the actual use case.
Privacy Statement
This tool does not upload or save your images to the server, all image processing is done in your browser.