C͕͛ḽ̏ḭ̈́c̲̉k̖̊ ͈̆H̛̭ȅ͎ŕ̻e͇̾ Online Glitch Text Generator, URL Hidden

Tool Introduction
This tool can be used to generate glitch text, i.e. Glitch Text. You can choose to generate glitch effects at the top, middle, or bottom of the text, and use a slider to adjust the complexity of the glitch text to meet your different needs. Common uses: 1. Catching eyes: Whether in advertising, social media, or web design, glitch text can effectively attract the audience's attention and enhance visual impact. 2. Hiding URL: Glitch text can be used to hide or disguise URLs, making them harder to recognize, adding a sense of mystery or creativity. 3. Cool social media effects: You can leave cool glitch text URLs in the comment sections of Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. These effects not only catch the eye but may also spark interest and interaction from other users. 4. Out-of-bounds text effects: Using glitch text in message boards and comment sections can create out-of-bounds, irregular text effects, expressing a unique personal style. Whether you're a designer seeking new inspiration, a marketer looking for new promotion methods, or a social media user looking for eye-catching content, glitch text is a worthwhile option. Try entering some text, adjusting parameters, and see the effects! Feel free to save, share, and use it~